6 Reasons Most Drivers Should Avoid Performance Chips And Tuners

Many people hear about performance chips and tuners and think they represent a good option for improving engine performance. These modifications can help some vehicles eke out a little more power from their engines. However, for the majority of people, it's better to avoid these types of modifications for several reasons. 1. Performance Chips Often Require More Modifications You may hear a performance chip can do wonders for your car's horsepower or fuel economy. [Read More]

Set It Up, Take It Down, Move It, Or Remove It, Petroleum Services Can Do It

If you asked the average Joe what petroleum services were, he would probably say that it is the trucks that deliver oil and gasoline to the nearest gas station. While that is not entirely incorrect, it is not the typical petroleum services offered by companies in this line of work. In fact, petroleum services are more about servicing the needs of a petroleum company and its ability to harvest, pump, and transport petroleum via pipeline, as well as demolish such equipment when it has outlived its usefulness. [Read More]

2 Signs Your Transmission Is Going

These days, most cars have automatic transmissions. That means that when it's time to change gears, the transmission does it on your own. You don't have to do anything about it, the transmission senses when it's time and then you are ready to go. But, when the transmission starts to go, you are going to have problems. You will want to get it fixed as soon as possible, since the sooner you fix it, the better off you are, and the less expensive the repair is likely to be. [Read More]

Driver Or Passenger: The Big Question When Purchasing A Handicap Minivan

If you are in the market for a handicap minivan, you need to think carefully if you want to drive the minivan around or if you want to be the passenger. Most handicap minivans are designed to either allow the handicapped individual to be the passenger or to be the driver, not both. It is rare to find a handicap minivan that is equipped for the handicapped individual to fill both roles. [Read More]