Driver Or Passenger: The Big Question When Purchasing A Handicap Minivan

If you are in the market for a handicap minivan, you need to think carefully if you want to drive the minivan around or if you want to be the passenger. Most handicap minivans are designed to either allow the handicapped individual to be the passenger or to be the driver, not both. It is rare to find a handicap minivan that is equipped for the handicapped individual to fill both roles. [Read More]

Top Problems To Look For In A Car Through A Rough Winter

While there are some cars that are capable of handling cold-weather terrain with their upgraded features, such as all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension, most cars just don't measure up the same as SUVs or trucks in cold weather. Because of this, if you do drive a car and the winters get pretty tough, you will have to be vigilant about keeping tabs on things that can go wrong and require a trip to the auto repair shop. [Read More]

4 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Semi Truck

Whether you own a transportation company or are an individual owner operator of a semi truck, having solid, reliable equipment is essential. Many transportation companies and owner operators would love to purchase a brand new semi truck, but in most cases the extremely high price tag makes buying a quality used semi truck a much better option. If you're in the market for a used semi truck, take a look at the following things: [Read More]