Here Are Some Of The Potential Reasons Your Car Smells Like Its Burning

When you notice burning smells coming from your car, it's a sign of different underlying issues that should be resolved quickly. While this is the case, it's difficult to tell the exact area behind the burning smell. In most cases, drivers assume that such smells arise from a faulty oil storage compartment. While this could be a potential cause, there are plenty of reasons behind such smells. Here are a few you should know.

The Power Steering Pulley Could Be Jammed

If your vehicle's power steering pulley jams, it will cause the belt to slip, resulting in burning smells. This problem will likely arise if you've taken a long time before tensioning the serpentine belt. To avoid this problem, you should confirm that the pulley spins freely and that the belt is tight when your engine is idle.

You're Overusing The Clutch 

If you over engage the clutch, which happens when you frequently move the gear changing foot while accelerating, you'll likely notice a burning paper smell in the passenger cabin. The smell usually arises when the clutch slips and overheats its facings. This smell should dissipate if you don't overuse the clutch. But, you should call a professional to inspect the gear system if it persists.

Your Vehicle's Engine Is Leaking Oil

With time, your vehicle's engine can develop leaks that can go unnoticed. If there's a leak within the engine and it drops to a hot component like the exhaust pipe, you'll detect a burning smell in the cabin. When you have an oil leak, speak to an experienced mechanic to help you address it quickly. This signifies that your engine has started to wear out and requires a new gasket. The major problem with failing to replace bad gaskets is that it leads to huge engine problems like overheating. 

There Could Be Damage To Electrical Components

When you notice a burning smell in your vehicle's cabin, one of the common causes is the burning electrical components. Different components of your vehicle are powered by electricity transmitted through the wiring. In case of a short, the heat generated eats the plastic coating, among other components. A knowledgeable transmission repair technician can quickly resolve such an issue to prevent further damage to your car.

Different things can lead to burning smells that you notice in your vehicle's cabin, as highlighted in this guide. Take your car to an auto repair shop to avoid further damage.