Set It Up, Take It Down, Move It, Or Remove It, Petroleum Services Can Do It

If you asked the average Joe what petroleum services were, he would probably say that it is the trucks that deliver oil and gasoline to the nearest gas station. While that is not entirely incorrect, it is not the typical petroleum services offered by companies in this line of work. In fact, petroleum services are more about servicing the needs of a petroleum company and its ability to harvest, pump, and transport petroleum via pipeline, as well as demolish such equipment when it has outlived its usefulness. The following examples are just a few things that petroleum service companies provide.

Pipe Construction

In Alaska, hundreds of miles of above ground petroleum pipe are laid in order to transport crude oil from its source to a refinery along the coast. That kind of pipe construction could not be possible without petroleum service companies to build and lay the pipe and then weld sections of pipe end-to-end. The same companies that provide this service also provide welding repairs, if the pipes ever begin to leak.

Pipe Straightening for Small Diameter Pipe

Some pipes, such as those between two and six inches, are often used at the site of the oil well. Sometimes these smaller gauge pipes get bent from the force of the oil shooting up, or a crew member accidentally backs into something and bends the pipes. A quick call to petroleum services returns the bent pipe into straight pipe very quickly.

Breakout Machining

Breakout probably should be "breakdown," since that is typically what these machines do. They break down well drills and well pipes, as well as create and destroy downhole tools and mud motors. These machines are the go-to machines for any petroleum service company when there are literally tons of work to break down or build up.

Moving Pipes and Drills

While service companies do not provide drills or pipes, they can move them. They will place them on special trucks that are capable of hauling these massive and extremely heavy objects and take them to any oil well site you want. They can unload and help reload such items onto their trucks, but for obvious reasons, they are not typically involved with the installation and erection of the oil rigs and well drills. They may provide welding services for pipes and drills onsite, if you are in need of welding services. However, to keep things more readily mobile, you will want to only weld what you have to weld.

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